THE LAW OFFICE OF LAUREN N. PEEBLES represents individuals and families in the areas of estate planning, trust administration and probate. We also counsel clients in general civil matters including:

  • Landlord/tenant,
  • Contract disputes,
  • Property damage,
  • Personal injury claims,
  • Employment issues, and
  • Driving Under the Influence (DUI) arrests.

Estate Planning

Some clients are reluctant to begin the estate planning process because it forces them to acknowledge their own mortality. Other clients find it difficult to complete the process and make planning decisions that will become irrevocable at death. Planning may be especially difficult for a client who must decide how to provide for minor beneficiaries, for beneficiaries with special needs, or for beneficiaries whose current problems (e.g., substance abuse, creditor problems, or marital obligations) may change over time. Each client has his or her own personal and family situation, assets and liabilities, and estate planning objectives that require creative analysis and customized planning. Our commitment to you is to efficiently create and implement a plan that meets your specific objectives and to fit these objectives into a system of divergent and complex laws. Let us help you.

Trust Administration

Trust administration is the transfer of property from an individual who has died (the "decedent") to the beneficiaries identified in the decedent’s revocable living trust. Many people elect to establish a revocable living trust as the centerpiece of their estate plan instead of the more traditional “last will and testament” so that they can avoid probate upon death. If property is held in trust, then the administration and distribution of that property upon the individual’s death is handled much more simply, much more quickly, and at much less expense than if probated. If you have been named as trustee, congratulations! It means someone considered you to be responsible, thorough, fair and impartial. In order to live up to their expectation, you may need help from a professional. We help trustees execute their responsibilities under the office of trustee including holding, managing, and caring for the property of the trust. If you have questions about the role of trustee, contact us. We are happy to explain where to begin and what is required.


After a person passes away, their assets, including personal belongings, bank accounts, stocks, and real estate need to be safeguarded and managed. Although they are no longer with us, business still needs to be taken care of. Bills need to be paid. Money needs to be transferred. Homes need to be protected. The grief process can take a serious toll on families when there is a death. It can be very difficult to deal with the business of settling your loved ones affairs. We understand that help with the legal probate process is only part of what the client needs. Patience, availability, and the willingness to take time to listen are essential. It is our passion to hold your hand through the process to lighten the load that naturally comes with losing a loved one. Call us to help.